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Amy’s Pick: Rhododendron Flower

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Click image to enlarge before saving

Click image to enlarge before saving

Amy’s Pick of the day is a vintage illustration of Rhododendron Chamaecistus. Use this charming image as artwork for your wall, your paper crafts, or your sewing projects using printable fabric. The subtle hues and vintage tinge are perfect for creating a shabby chic look!

Looking for more floral images? Click here to see our selection. See more project inspiration on our Pinterest page. Be sure to click on the image first to see the full size image. Then right click (Mac: control+click) and “save to” your computer desktop or a folder of your choice. This process will ensure you get the best quality of the image.

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Guest Designer Angela Harris

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Projects designed by Angela Harris.

Projects designed by Angela Harris.

We are thrilled and honored that Angela uses images from The Vintage Workshop in her beautiful creations. These projects were previously featured in Somerset’s Holidays & Celebrations magazine and we wanted to share the inspiring designs with the readers of our blog.

Her Beauty Hanger

• Coffee filters: coffee-dyed

• Hanger: satin padded

• Lace fabric: piece

• Pearled stamen

• Strand of pearls: vintage

• Tulle

Print the Ruth Vincent image out on coffee-dyed cardstock. Tear coffee-dyed coffee filters into thick strips. With the image side of the photo facing down, gather and sew the strips. This creates a bunched frilly border. Twist one strip of coffee filter into a loose rope. Roll the rope into a rose shape and sew onto the corners of the photo. For some of these roses twist a strip of tulle along with the coffee filters. Fold your pearl stamen in half and sew onto center of bottom right rose. Next, attach your strands of pearls on the border of the photo over the threading with hot glue, making sure to put the glue on the photo and not the strand of pearls. Lastly, attach the complete embellished photo onto the front of the padded hanger over the lace with hot glue. Use to display an old prom or wedding dress.

Guidance Tray

• Adhesive: hot glue gun

• Chain of rhinestone jewelry: vintage

• Coffee filters: coffee-dyed

• Family photo: actual photo or vintage image

• Lace: vintage

• Millinery flowers

• Ribbon: velvet

• Scissors

• Seam binding ribbon

• Serving tray: vintage

• Sewing machine

• Tulle

Tear coffee-dyed coffee filters into thick strips. With the image side of the photo facing down, gather and sew the strips. This creates a bunched frilly border. Fold an 8-inch-long piece of tulle in half and sew each end to the edge of the photo, creating a looped effect around the coffee filter design. On the top of the image sew on a vintage lace strip. Adhere the strand of vintage rhinestone jewelry to the side of the photo, the inspirational word from a vintage book on the bottom right and a millinery flower and velvet ribbon on the bottom left with hot glue. Adhere vintage photo to the center of a vintage silver tray with hot glue. Display in large plate hanger as wall art or set in a tabletop easel.

Angela’s Tips

• A certain aspect of gift giving I like to use is the act of surprise. Consider contacting a relative and having them send a photo that your mother hasn’t seen in a while. When the gift is revealed, the surprise and joy of seeing that photo alone is a gift in itself.

• To dye coffee filters, dip white filters into a bowl of instant coffee. Ring out and place on a cookie sheet individually. Bake at 290 degrees for 10 minutes or until crisp and dry.

Angela Harris is 24 years old and lives in Missouri with her husband and three children. She works from home on her blog at You can contact Angela for project tips and custom order inquiries at

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