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Win a Jewelry Making Gift Set

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Jewelry making items you can win!!

Jewelry making items you can win!!

Jewelry making is all the rage and here’s your chance to get a jump start on the process.  The Vintage Workshop sells lots of imagery that is perfect for creating custom jewelry and now we are giving you a chance to win the rest of the supplies you need to create your own unique pieces. In fact, we are giving TWO of you a chance to win!!

What do you win:

Two gift baskets filled with jewelry making tools and supplies!! Included in your gift basket will be a Soldering tool complete with solder and copper foil tape to creating your own jewelry; Memory Glass microscope slides in 1.5 x 1.5 inch size used to create unique jewelry pieces; multiple sizes and shapes of bezels for creating pendants; a blank bracelet bezel and fishhook ear wires to create earrings. Plus as a bonus get our Art-to-Wear book filled with images & projects including jewelry making instructions.

To Enter:

All you need to do to enter is to answer this question on this post ONLY.  The question is:  Which Vintage Workshop image would you wear as a piece of jewelry? Be sure to list the name and item number of your selection to qualify.  Please remember that your post must be approved by a member of the staff before it is shown, so please be patient with us while we personally read all of your comments before approval.

You have until this Friday, April 16th to respond to be entered. Please only post once as multiple comments by the same person may lead to being disqualified from the contest.

Good luck & I can’t wait to see everyone’s posts. Remember we are awarding two lucky persons with a gift basket - doubling your chances to win!!

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Glass-Encased Jewelry

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Necklaces created using Vintage Workshop Images

Necklaces created using Vintage Workshop Images

The charm of any good fashion accessory project is in the details.  By creating tiny vintage image collages between glass, you can make a sophisticated glass-encased jewelry piece that is loaded with charm! (more…)

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Vintage Pendant

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009


Jewelry making is all the rage and craft stores are devoting aisle upon aisle to a wide array of supplies for creating your own wearable pieces of art. Vintage images used alone or in tiny collages can give your jewelry creations a customized touch.

The process is relatively simple with most glue-in style charms, pendants or bezels. The images are affixed directly to the components using an adhesive and set by filling with glaze or epoxy.

This becomes a little trickier when the pendant is shallow or has openings in the back. One way to solve this problem is to simply laminate your image or collaged artwork, trim to fit inside the jewelry component, and affix.

We used this technique in the pendant pictured above. It’s an easy project to complete:

  1. Add monogram to floral image from IE114 Floral I Download Collection
  2. Size image to fit inside your selected charm or pendant
  3. Print image on white cardstock or matte paper (hint: fill an entire sheet with images or collages to use for future projects)
  4. Laminate and trim out image
  5. Affix to jewelry component with adhesive (or double-sided tape if you want the image to be interchangeable)
  6. Use jump rings to add embellishments
  7. Tie ribbon to top
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