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Creative Embroidery using Vintage Imagery

Friday, May 28th, 2010
Vintage Artwork can be used for Embroidery

Vintage Artwork can be used for Embroidery

I have always loved handwork.  My grandmother was always working on something with her hands from embroidery to crocheting.  It was so much fun during the summers of my childhood to sit with grandma while she taught me how to create beautiful things with my hands just as her grandmother had taught her. (more…)

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Mica Snow - Now Available!

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Now available directly from The Vintage Workshop comes Mica Snow.  This wonderful embellishing product is a wonderful vintage inspired flaky “snow” that looks like a cross between artificial snow and glitter. It is a white shimmery flake that can be glued to almost any surface including paper for cards, candles, pine cones or you can just sprinkle it on a tray to give a little sparkle. Click here to see a card using Mica Snow around the border - scroll to last card on post.

A little history from the makers of Mica Snow. Mica is a mineral that comes in a variety of colors and can be easily separated into thin transparent sheets. We’ve processed our high quality white mica into small flakes much like the ‘Vintage Mica Snow’ of the early 1900s. In addition to being beautiful, it’s non-toxic, tough, chemically inert, transparent and waterproof. It can also withstand temperatures of over 1100 degrees!

Click any image above for a closer look at how you can use Mica Snow.

If you are familiar with Mica Snow and have used it in the past, we welcome you to post your projects photos here as well. It’s a fun way to bring the snowy winter wonderland right into your home.

Click here for more information on Mica Snow.

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