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Trip to Westin & The Farm

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

I was talking to my dear friend Alexis last night, discussing great blogs she had found and she mentioned she did not think I was blogging enough. I explained to her that I would love to be creating more posts and had hundreds of photos ready combine with “stories” BUT I have the following other activities I am currently involved in: proofreading 16 new patterns and a new book for Indygo Junction’s upcoming Quilt Market in Houston, creating all related marketing materials, packing 2000 lbs plus of trade show equipment and samples for our three booths, writing a creative woman’s inspirational/project  book that is over 200 pages and trying to finish a chapter a week to meet deadline for getting to press, the list goes on…not to mention, most importantly, parenting activities related to my second grader Emma and fifth grader Jack that I share with my husband Bob…SOOO I am up at 5:30 am preparing this post with photos from a June trip to a favorite “vintage” town of mine Westin, Missouri, and a trip to my friend, Amy’s family farm in Hiawatha, KS.  Westin has some wonderful shops including a fun antique mall, Three Squirrels and A Nut, here is their invitation to visit…  “See what tools grandmother used in the kitchen or grandpa used in the garage. They have buttons, bows, glassware, spoons, lamps, radios, mirrors, prints, paintings, music boxes and dolls. Something for everyone.”

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