Happy Thanksgiving Card or Invitation

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Uses image SI224 - Turkey Wishes

Uses image SI224 - Turkey Wishes

You can create special cards and invitations using a few simple scraps, sewing notions and imagery from The Vintage Workshop. To create this card you will need:

Card stock in colors that coordinate with your chosen image - we used black, gold and cream
Scrap piece of burlap
metal zipper
embroidery floss in a coordinating color
plain card stock to print image on
double sided tape

Step 1: Print your favorite image onto the card stock. We used SI0224- Turkey Wishes. We then cut out the turkey and pumpkins. You can just mount the entire image in the next step if you wish.

Step 2:  We printed our message - Happy Thanksgiving - onto the gold card stock.  (You can eliminate this step by just printing out a vintage image with a message already on it.)

Step 3:  We cut out the gold card stock into the size we wanted and adhered the turkey using double sided tape.

Step 4: Layout your burlap scraps on top of the card.  Using the finished card background as a pattern, cut out a rectangle of the burlap.  Then fold in half and mark the center fold on the back of the burlap. Then fold the other direction and again mark the center fold on the back of the burlap.  You should now have two crossing lines on the back of your scrap.  Now draw a line from your center point to the two top corners. This will form a Y.  Cut along the diagonal lines to the center point and then ONLY straight down the center to the bottom. See the sample image above to verify what parts you are cutting out. To secure edges, you might want to zig-zag all edges using matching thread or use Fray-check.

***HINT:  Use burlap printed scrapbook paper instead of the real fabric. Just follow the same directions above and instead of sewing in the zipper (although you can sew to paper) you could simply glue or tape the zipper to the paper.

Step 5:  Hand or machine stitch the zipper to the burlap.  Start at the bottom with the zipper closed (zipped up). Stitch each side up to where the diagonal begins. Then unzip the zipper to this point. Stitch the zipper sides to each side of the burlap.  See image above for reference.

Step 6:  Using the embroidery floss, use two strands to hand stitch using large stitches the burlap piece to the card starting from the back up through the front. Don’t worry about the stitches on the back - they are covered in the next step. If you don’t intend to unzip the zipper, it is easy to stitch the sides of the burlap if you use double sided tape to adhere the burlap to the card first. If you want to be able to unzip the zipper, you will should NOT adhere the burlap to the card.

Step 7: Now we adhered the finished card to the black card stock and cut around the edges leaving about 1/4″ showing. Then mounted it again on cream and again left about 1/4″ showing. You can then write your personalized message or party information on the back.

What a fun way to invite friends and family to dinner or say thank you to your host or hostess. Until next time…

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  1. That is adorable. The zipper is so clever.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow what a pretty card - its adorable! Love the papers and the awesome layout!The image and sentiment are amazing.I am also buying card for giving gifts to the friends.

  3. I like this burlap fabric post and am browsing through your past ones. Great job!…

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