Happy Veterans Day

Posted by Cheryl
Kids Marching - SI0173

Kids Marching - SI0173

To all those who have or are currently serving our country in the armed forces, we want to extend our sincerest and heartfelt thank you!

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2 Responses to “Happy Veterans Day”

  1. I used one of your beautiful images on my blog today to honor our veterans. I love all the images I have purchases from you over the years.

  2. CharliAnn says:

    I am a Veteran, a disabled Vietnam Era Veteran who served up to Desert Storm. I am also the daughter,step-daughter, daughter in law, sister, wife and mother of Veterans. Our services cover three of the five branches, Air Force, Army and Navy. My step-father, my two brothers and I were all in SE Asia at the same time for about a six month period. We “jokingly” say that is what started our Mom’s Alzheimers. The “Sullivan Law” didn’t apply because one brother was in the Navy and we weren’t all in the same unit. Besides, I was in Thailand not in Vietnam. Enjoyed almost every minute of my almost 18 years (Medical Retirement) and despite some of the hardships, especially during the Vietnam Era and shortly after, would do it again in a heartbeat. I want to thank everybody who supports the men and women in uniform today and remind them to say a prayer of rememberance for the men and women (and the unborn child) who were killed and wounded recently at Ft. Hood.

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