Thanksgiving Pear Mailer

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Creating Using SI0369, Pears Thanksgiving

Create a special invitation for friends and family this year to share in your Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Materials Needed:

• Inkjet printable paper

• Favorite image from The Vintage Workshop (sample features Pears Thanksgiving, you may also like Cheerful Thanksgiving or Pleasant Thanksgiving)

• Purchased Petal or Pinwheel fold-up style invitation (from craft store or online at or

• Coordinating card stock

• Metal label holder (oval or your choice of shape)

Mini ribbon buckle charm to fit 1/2″ ribbon

• Two small brads

• Decorative die-cut punch or sticker

• 1/2 yard of 1/2″ ribbon

Tools Needed:

• Craft knife

• Metal ruler

• Cutting mat

• Scissors

• Adhesive


1. Start with the outside of the envelope. To begin, select a section of the image and resize smaller (needs to slightly larger than opening in your metal label holder).  Then, adjust the contrast and brightness so the image looks like a faint version of the original.

2. Type names on top of the image  Size will vary according to the font you choose and size of label holder.

3. Print the image with the type overlaying it onto inkjet paper.  Place the label holder over the address area you are going to use and draw a pencil line around the inside.  Cut out the address label slightly larger than the pencil line indicates (about 1/8″).

4. Secure this in the label holder with glue and allow to dry.

5. Adhere ribbon across the front side of envelope, leaving an extra 5-6 inches on each side.

6. Place label holder on top of ribbon and mark holes with a pencil.  Making sure the envelope is open, attach label holder using one brad on each end.  Make small slit with craft knife first if necessary.

7. Embellish with leaf punch or decorative sticker.

8. Next, print invitation details on piece of green or coordinating cardstock.  Make sure you measure inside of mailer first so you can plan for font size and positioning.  Cut cardstock to fit inside mailer.

9. Print image and affix to unprinted side of cardstock.

10. Embellish with leaf punch or decorative sticker.

11. To finish the ribbon buckle, thread one end of the ribbon through the ribbon charm and fold over securing with glue.

12. Thread the other end through the charm using it like a buckle to pull the ribbon taut.

13. Hand-deliver, or check with post office for mailing specifications and rates.

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