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Posted by Cheryl
Amy & Cheryl from The Vintage Workshop

Amy Barickman & Cheryl Pinkman

The Workshop Window will provide a peek inside the studio of The Vintage Workshop and allow our staff the opportunity to communicate more directly with you – our Vintage Workshop community.

The staff at The Vintage Workshop consists of artists, collectors, designers and office personnel that all share a passion for finding and preserving these timeless images for others including future generations to appreciate. We hope to share more projects & instructions, to demonstrate techniques and share our treasure trove of knowledge about vintage art and artists.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire you to be creative in your everyday life!! This will be a place where you can also share your creative ideas with us. We can get your feedback quickly and respond to customer concerns, requests and suggestions. We will also announce giveaways, promotions, and other events. For those of you who currently subscribe to our e-newsletter, please note that we will be changing our format a bit and suggest you sign up to follow the blog (click on the RSS feed to the right) as well as the e-newsletter. Both are great ways to keep up on the latest news from The Vintage Workshop.

To learn more about our staff members who will be contributing to the Workshop Window, please visit the About Our Blog link. We will also be featuring guest designers periodically from the community at large. For more information on becoming a guest designer, please contact Cheryl at The Vintage Workshop.

Lastly, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Cheryl and I am the Office Director and I will be managing the blog and taking care of all customer service issues and concerns. I wanted to let everyone know that our next post is going to be our first big giveaway! Details will be listed in the next post so sign up now to be a follower. More fun projects and ideas are coming your way so stay tuned. Let us be your source for timeless images and creative inspiration.  Until next time…

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97 Responses to “Welcome to the The Workshop Window”

  1. Marilyn C says:

    I love your downloads. All your vintage images are beautiful and so nostalgic. I would love to win all the goodies you are giving away to a winner!

  2. Cherie says:

    What a treat your new blog will be. I always look forward to your new ideas and images. You always inspire new ideas for my soldered jewelry. Thank You!

  3. TerriB says:

    I would love to see tutorials with guest designers using vintage images on cards and clothing accessories. I would also delight in some large home dec type projects incorporating images into a coordinated personal space with furniture fabrics and collage on areas such as vanity tables, mirrors or a focal wall. This is a big project, but I think it would be fun. Myself I’m thinking of doing a laundry room area and have been going round and round in my head on how to incorporate images on the wall and perhaps a laundry tub skirt!!!

  4. Susan Murkland says:

    I get so many ideas from your website. What a treat for this, ‘Old Fashioned Girl.’ I love the free downloads, and even have purchased a few along the way.

    I especially admire the way that the colors are put together in a ‘vintage’ style, and I really love the silhoettes.



  5. Rose Pierson says:

    I have been enjoying your products for many year, keep up the creative ideas, they are so
    inspiring! I also like your clothing patterns

  6. Jeanne Zukowski says:

    I love the images they will look great in CQ. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

  7. Margaret Chambers says:

    My Mother grew up in the era of the “Vintage” looks. I saw many photos of their family in the vintage-look clothes that we see on your website. I enjoy them so much when you have them, esp the children. The look of the garments and accessories is so classy. Thank you for such a nice website.

  8. Nina E says:

    I love your website. I especially enjoy seeing samples or project ideas for your images.

  9. Stephanie Mansdoerfer says:

    I appreciate your vintage images and ideas as well as your patterns. I love the inspiration I receive from your ideas! I have recently been discovering various blogs of people like me who like to experiment and create all kinds of things. I have so much fun “playing” with many different mediums and I so enjoy the look of well-loved and used items (maybe because I feel that I am at that stage in my own life now!). I’m excited to see what your blog will be like. Thanks for the free downloads you provide and thanks for the opportunity to win a prize! Have a great day!

  10. Barbara Dahl says:

    I love your website. Being a visual person I especially like lots of pictures of samples and images of projects. Tutorials are wonderful!! I love ‘tutes’. Thanks for a great blog. I will now RSS feed it to my email page so I can check back every day! Barbara

  11. Phyllis Jobe says:

    I too enjoy the things of yesteryear. Back when my Mom would have beena teenager and young wife. I have several of your collections and use them. I would like to see more of peoples studios who design. Glad you have started a blog. Phyllis

  12. linda white says:

    Love everything about your site. Such talent. Hope you continue to prosper. Reminds me of my mother back in the day.


  13. LaRue Corbin says:

    This is really exciting. I am new to the world of blogs, but everything you have provided from your web site has been wonderful. I love the vintage art you offer, especially the free downloads. I look forward to seeing some of the work you do in your studio.

  14. I love your website and your wonderful Vintage prints and creative project ideas. Thank you for all of your downloads, etc.

  15. Effie says:

    I enjoy all of the email I receive from you. I would like for you to continue to create and recreate all of the wonderful imagery that you are so well known for. I is like a mini-artistic vacation each time I receive info from you. I would also like to see possibly some creations from talented people that use not only what is available from you, but reusing “found stuff”.

    Thanks again for all the enjoyment!

  16. Sally M. says:

    I have enjoyed Vintage Workshop since finding it online through a popular craft magazine a few years ago. I especially liked the one particular Christmas article using your vintage image of the young girl dressed in white, holding poinsettas and how one image could be used for three different projects (the candles, the pillow and the wall hanging). That’s what I would like to see more of, a variety of ways for the images. I would also like to see video tutorials for projects. Sometimes it is easier to grasp how to so something if you can watch someone doing it first. (I have the darnest time making bows and after watching a video tutorial, found it easier to do.) Vintage Workshop has given me a lot of inspiration for my craft projects. Thank you.

    Sally M.

  17. Dru says:

    I love your images and have many as my main venue is vintage - a love that somehow started even as a very young child. In most things I would rather have old than new. I’m so glad you’ve started a blog. Challenges and contests are a great way to get everyone involved. Thanks so much for such a great product.

  18. Barbara says:

    Love your web site. I have purchased your paper and it is great. I get so many ideas from you and your friends. Thanks for all you do. Would love to win the purse since I have two Grandaughters from China, that came into our family. Thanks for all you do.

  19. Barbara says:

    Great site.

  20. I would love to see more photos for the Holidays, even those almost forgotten, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, of course Christmas, Halloween etc. I guess y’all got the idea…I love to make table runner, table toppers, placemats, potholders and Tote Bags and print photos and pictures onto fabric for these projects. I have done the same with king size quilts too.

    So all the extra Holiday pictures y’all can put out, the happier I will be..
    Also love y’alls giving away free ones for people to work with. Sometimes when working with new projects, y’all buy a picture(s) and print onto fabric and find out it doesn’t look as good as y’all thought it would. But working with free ones, y’all don’t worry as much.

    Anyway, thank y’all for the ones y’all do put out for us, I love them all, just can’t afford to purchase to many.

    Thank Y’all,
    Joyce Jurkovich

  21. so delighted you have a blog now.i’ve been receiving your newsletters for quite some time.i’ve been purchased a number of items(cd’s,downloads,photo adhesive paper,photofabrics,etc from your webstore and been delighted with everything.i love the altereable clutch purse i got!! i am really excited that you have started a blog….it will be like “a slice of heaven sent cake” to visit!! Ann

  22. Belinda says:

    Love all the great images. And a chance to win something free is really great. Hope to see more ideas.

  23. Ginny Ballou says:

    Like your images and look forward to getting more ideas as to how to use them in ATCs especially. Would like to see some swaps among blog readers utilizing vintage images.
    Keep up the good work.

  24. Jennifer says:

    I’m looking forward to your new blog. I’d love to see the projects using vintage images, but would love to see the results using different types of fabrics on which to make the prints.

  25. carol patton says:

    I love recieving your e-mail I am a scrapbooker who does alot of heritage and vintage projects. The downloads you supply are great and aid in making tote bags with vintage photos or post cards to put the albums in when giving them as gifts. Alot of our older folks love to remember “back when” and Vintage Workshop takes you there…

    Thank You Much!!!!

  26. Linda says:

    I would like to see interviews of your artists. Artists always seem to have such interesting lives and I would love to learn about them!

  27. I think your art is beautiful and inspiring. A wasted art space to me is a closet door. I would like to see some interesting ideas using vintage images on decorating closet doors. Thank you for your new blog.

  28. Kim Folstrom says:

    I love almost every type of crafting from sewing/quilting to cardmaking and scrapbooking. What I would really love to see on the new blog are videos on making the projects you have. I have a cardmaking club that does this once a week and it is soooo helpful to actually see the project being put together. Thank you for a wonderful site and now a new blog.

  29. Sheri says:

    I’m a newcomer to your wonderful site. I learned about you on the June fabshophop. This site is far more interesting than most fabric or quilting sites - variety! I especially like your “single image” collection.
    Keep up the great work!

  30. Ronda Liebert says:

    I love your ideas and art work. I would like to see reviews of different types of inexpensive embellishments that can be used to make items look more one of a kind and expensive. Thanks.

  31. Linda J says:

    When you show the projects, the use of the images really opens up my non-original, non-creative mind to more options. Information about the artists is most interesting. Wish I could find the time to do more, but will continue to lurk and someday work more with more images from your wonderful site.

  32. Linda J says:

    As usual I forgot to comment on the area that I would like to see more ideas using the Vintage Workshop images - altered books. Looking forward to receiving blog updates too.

  33. Olivia Taylor says:

    I so enjoy you site. As a child of the 1950’s, (yes I’m proud to be turning 59 this year, as a Breast Cancer survivor, each birthday is welcomed!) I have so many patterns that my grandmother used to sew for me and my mother, that I would love to use these pictures to incorporate in the the purses I make to help offset some of my medical expenses. (I usually give more away than I sell!) To have the high quality that your images are, would be wonderful. Thank you for this new blog - I know it will be enjoyed by many.

    A Big Texas Thank You
    Olivia Taylor

  34. Cindy Olson says:

    I love your products and your ideas. I would like to see more holiday decorations with that wonderful vintage feel. I also love to see your vintage images on purses and totes. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  35. S. Jackson says:

    Cheryl and Amy…nice blog!!! Good luck with the launch…looks like it has really taken off. I look forward to seeing all the new stuff you come up with.

  36. Jackie Hedlund says:

    Wonderful site!!

  37. Cheryl and Amy..
    Congratulations with all your hard work and dedication to all things vintage! I adore your site and look forward to being inspired to create my own artwork! What a wonderful idea to have a blog where all of us can communicate with each other. Thank you so very much!

  38. Kathryn says:

    What a fantastic web site you have. I speed HOURS there.

  39. Kathryn says:

    Your web site is fantastic. I spend HOURS going to all of your links. You also have realistic price’s on items for purchase. Thank you so much.

  40. Mary T. says:

    I love your products. Keep up the good work!

  41. Gayle C. says:

    You know what I’d love to see? More images and ways in which to use these images for stitching projects and gift tags etc.

  42. Gwynn B, Canada says:

    Your website images, papers, tools and inspiration have inspired me since the day I found you years ago. Looking forward to this new direction and all the new ideas and fun. Thanks for the free survey pics and THANKS for everything.

  43. Lenore says:

    Your website is one of the “best of the best” Amy.
    It most definitely has that “touch of class”. I love your site.
    Actually it was the very first graphic site I ever saw on the net!
    I have many, many of your CD’s, so please keep them coming…

  44. Love your site. I live on limited income and a win like this would truly be a downfall for me. Love the fabrics and will look for your auctions on Ebay. Would also love to have the pattern for the fabric ball that is shown by the packs of fabric. Do you sell this pattern or is it available for download? What a cute little gift that would make.

  45. Patty Anderson says:

    As a sewing/crafting/scrapbooking fanatic, either of these fabric collections would be just what I need to decorate my sewing/crafting/scrapbooking room in my 1920’s era home! I love your site! Thank you for all the good stuff!

  46. diane brides says:

    I have not bought any vintage material like what is in the giveaway bundles. i make things for my older girls and the grandbabies. i am tring to make a ton of things my children will have when i am gone. thank you so much for having a giveaway. free is far and inbetween. blessings!

  47. Marty says:

    What would I do with the fabric? Quilt, of course!! I do several types of crafts and the fabric would be so useful for each of them. I have been sewing since I was in grade school (a loooooonnnggg time ago!) I would make quilts, vintage looking aprons (of which I have a pretty good collection) bags and use fabric in my scrapbooking…thank you so much for your freebies! I have downloaded all of them since I became acquainted with your website and also purchased some. I have a house that’s almost 100 years old and so many of your ideas I can use in my home…thanks again for a great site and the freebies! …M

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