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Posted by Amy

I spent several weeks on Torch River this Summer with my family. In several upcoming posts I will share some of our adventures. A trip to pick cherries is one of my favorite “Up North” traditions. This Summer my niece Paige (4) and my daughter Emma (7) and I visited Nagy Orchards in Kewadin, Michigan. We were there at the end of the picking season which was several weeks later than usual and lasted longer than in past years because of the cool weather throughout July. We found several dark cherry trees to pick from and rows of sour cherries were several rows over. We ended eating almost as many as we picked! They were delicious! Mr. Nagy graciously took us on a tour of the processing of cherries after they are shaken from the trees . They are stored in huge containers of ice cold water before being lifted on to the cherry truck (school bus with only the cab) to be delivered to the cherry processing plant several miles away. This farm harvests 1.4 million lbs of cherries each year. Sweet cherries are best straight off the stem, sours are for my mom’s cherry pies, and dried cherries are for salads and cookies. Here is a recipe I tried last week and the whole family enjoyed!!

Simply right click each of the images (Mac: control+click) and save to your computer!

Recipe Card from HA118, Floral Home Arts Collection

Recipe Card from HA118, Floral Home Arts Collection

Recipe Card from HA118, Floral Home Arts Collection

Recipe Card from HA118, Floral Home Arts Collection

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7 Responses to “Michigan Cherries & Free Download”

  1. Cherries look juicy delicioso!

  2. Alexis Ceule says:

    A RECIPE to start my day… uh hummm…. I mean my husband’s day, the cook. Thanks so much Amy. It looks like in one of the photos that the cherries have gold or something metallic on them. Do they?


  3. Maggie says:

    I love cherries and so of course love all of the beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing and also for sharing your recipes. The story that accompanied your photos was so charming and actually very interesting. Thanks again for your generosity and talents.


  4. Michele says:

    Hi Amy,
    So happy you listened to your friend and posted your trips to both farms this summer.

    I live and grew up in farm territory and love everything about it!!! The photos are great and I might even find time to make some of those cookies inbetween packing and making things for Quilt Market. I just printed off the recipe.. maybe if I leave it out on the counter my Mom will see it and make them for us!!!
    See you all at Market!!!! it’s sooner than we think!!! Michele

  5. Oooh Yum! That combination sounds wonderful. Sounds like a recipe my grandmother would have made. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Suzie Q says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and your recipe. I can’t wait to start baking. Yummmmm!

  7. Fiddlehead Finery says:

    Hi Amy, it was nice to meet you last year at the Fiber Fest at The Castle in Charlevoix. Didn’t see my rug posted that you took pic’s of . Almost finished and several new on the way. I so enjoyed the photos of the cherry orchards just up the hill from us. Hope to see you again! DeEtta p.s. Happy New Year!

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