Fabric for Sale on Ebay & Free Sample Giveaway

Posted by Cheryl
Win this Tres Chic Fashion Fabric 25 yard Bundle!

Win this Tres Chic Fashion Fabric 25 yard Bundle!

Win this Mary Frances & Thimble Friends 25 yard Bundle!

Win this Mary Frances & Thimble Friends 25 yard Bundle!

Good Morning Everyone!

We want to announce not only a great deal for fabric lovers out there, but another summer giveaway.  The founder of The Vintage Workshop, Amy Barickman, has been a long-time designer of vintage inspired fabric for Red Rooster Fabrics.  Over the years our office has become stock piled with all of this beautiful fabric and now we are cleaning house.

First, we would like to offer two lucky blog readers a free set of some of our Vintage Workshop fabrics.  Each set includes a one yard piece of each of the 25 coordinating fabrics from a specific collection.  The collections we are spotlighting today are - Tres Chic, a bright colored fashion imagery inspired line; and Mary Frances and Thimble Friends, a more rustic colored line inspired by vintage children’s books with a sewing themed.  Each of these bundles comes with 25 yards of quality cotton quilting fabrics ready to use.

How do you win?  Post a comment to this blog post only with what you would do with the fabric. You have until midnight on Monday, August 31st.  Please note that we must manually approve your comments so only post once.  After it has been read by a staff member, we will approve your comment for all to see.  Multiple posting may disqualify you from the contest.

Don’t worry if you are not picker as a winner because we have lots of bundles of this fabric available for sale on eBay.  All of the bundles are listed with different coordinates (be sure to check out each listing to find the coordinates you want).  Each listing will be different depending on what fabrics were available.  Our eBay seller name is thevintageworkshop913 and indygojunction.  Indygo Junction is also selling off some of our old discontinued patterns on eBay.  If you do an advanced search you can search by seller name or click the links below.

Click here to see our listings on eBay - thevintageworkshop913 and indygojunction!

Good luck in the contest and on the auctions.  Tell you friends because this fabric is going fast and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Until next time…

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1,149 Responses to “Fabric for Sale on Ebay & Free Sample Giveaway”

  1. Denise Lamkins says:

    To make a vintage Family Journal of my family. My Grandparents, They were born in 1907 and I have wonderful pictures of them before WWII and after. I love the spiffy outfits, swimsuits and old cars. My grandma lived to be 99 yrs.
    My parents, Mother lived till she was 37 and father died the year I was getting married, the few pictures I have are special to me. My sister who died in 2006 at age 50. The only 2 people I have left are my sisters sons. A lot of the family they never met or were too young. I would like to leave them a journal of the life and times of our family. I love working in mixed media.

  2. Casey K says:

    Thank you so much for the chance in a thrilling giveaway! These fabrics are absolutely gorgeous! My local Joann’s is very limited in what it carries, so I had no idea Vintage Workshop even made fabric. If I was lucky enough to win one of these bundles, I’d use it to sew stuffed animals for all the children I know. I’d even make matching hats to go with the toys.

  3. Brandy Orndorf says:

    My ten year old daughter and I would use the Mary Frances and Thimble friends to make two lap quilts. One for our next door neighbor, and good friend of 20 years, whoes husband recently died and one for my mother in law who is one of the most giving, sincere woman I have ever met.
    The Tres Chic Fashion Fabric would be used to make things for my young sister who is getting married this coming year. Shoe bags, perhaps for her wedding shoes, a cute carry-on for her honeymoon, and a chic apron or two for her new life. With the extra fabric from that, my daughter and I would take it to our homeschool classes, where we have a group of kids making quilts for elderly.
    Wether we win this material or not, it is a great give away, and I love reading all the amazing and creative ideas individuals have. What a great diverse people with so many talents!

  4. Doris says:

    Man~Oh~Man!!!!! What “WOULDN”T I do with the beautiful fabric is more of the
    Question!! : ) I would make lotsa lotsa yo-yos (need to finish my quilt)~~
    I would make lotsa lotsa Pincushions for ME and as Gifts for loved ones!
    And of course~~~Being an APRON LOVER, would certainly DO that! And of course,
    some Potholders!!

    Oh what a “THRILL” it would be to actually have it in my hands NOW~~Instead of Typing
    and Dreaming about it!!!!

    PICK ME~~~~~PICK ME~~~~~PICK ME~~~~~~~~~~~~~OH YEA…………
    DID I MENTION FOR YA TO……………………………………P I C K M E ?? :D
    ( I ain’t never won anything) : (

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ✄ These vintage prints.
    I have a pattern for a cute cute little square bottomed bag that is easy to sew.
    It uses fat quarters, so I could make my children’s teachers and some close family and friends gifts for Christmas.
    Thanks for the bird image! I can’t tell what it is? I live in Michigan too. Maybe it is fanciful?

  6. Linda Lavelle says:

    I have always wanted to make a yo-yo quilt. My mom is from Brazil and has one her familly made her. I’ve been wanting to make one, but have not been able to afford the material. I would hand it down to my grandaughter. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to win such a wonderful gift.

  7. Sharon Buford says:

    I would use the Mary Frances & Thimble Friends to make accessories for the room I am redecorating to my very own SEWING ROOM. With the scrapes (Yeah!), I would make wonderful sewing kits for the girls at work - they always come to mine:)
    The darling Tres Chic Fashion Fabric, would be used to make Linus Quilts for the Kentucky Childrens Hospital - what little girl wouldn’t want one?

  8. ONA GARWOOD says:


  9. Susan says:

    You mean what would I do with it after I spent an hour or so just rolling around on it? Tres chic is wonderful for coordinating patchwork jumpers for my nieces and the Mary Frances & Thimble Friends is absolutely perfect for patchwork pillows, bureau scarves and valances to match an existing patchwork quilt in my guest room.

    Thanks for allowing us all the chance at winning such beautiful fabric!

  10. Diane Carter says:

    I have been an avid quilter for over 25 years and belong to a monthly quilt group of 24 members. We piece together blocks for a quilt every month. We also make charity baby quilts for pregnant teens in the area. Our group attends retreats and workshops whenever we can arrange it.

    I love vintage especially scrappy type quilts. Just call me a “fabriholic.” My other loves are basketry and rubber stamping. I just became a grandmother for the first time and have made several quilts for my new grandson who was born 3 days ago. There are so many cute vintage ideas out there. I am forever thinking of what I can do next!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    What wonderful colors, my first thought on how to use the fabric would be to sew the blocks together to create sets of colorful cafe curtains for my craft area. That would really brighten up the space alot.

  12. HURRAY!! FOR the vintage on you.You guys know my passions!For fabric related of course.
    Lets not win(or maybe?) But Lets have lots of FUN!

  13. Stella Berg says:

    the fabric is gorgous and I would like to make a quilt for donation later to raise founds

  14. lynn Buckner says:

    Very wonderful fabric! I love the patterns. There are so many projects that could be done with these fabrics. Thanks for the contest.

  15. I am somewhat new to sewing and quilting….I am a counted thread needlework designer by trade and have always had a strong passion for handwork. Last fall, needing a new creative outlet, I purchased a sewing machine…and in doing so, found my new muse. I now long for time to sew (even dream about it). If I had a bundle of retro fabric, I would definitely put it to good use! Lately I have been obsessed with aprons and pillows…and also tote bags…you know, things a beginning sewing enthusiast can tackle. It would be fun to have a little stash on hand to work on these projects and perfect my skills. Plus, it would make my friends and family thrilled too, as I tend to give away many projects as gifts!

  16. My kitchen is white and accented in red. I would love to make a kitchen ensemble, including chair back covers, table runner and placemats, reversible napkins, tea cozy, etc. I love the combination of black, white and red, so the Mary Frances fabric would be absolutely perfect. I design for magazines and and could possibly offer the project for publication. I also sell patterns of my work through QuiltWoman.com. I think this line would make a striking statement. In any case, it would really accent my decor.

  17. Carolyn says:

    Hi, I was born an raised in Texas,My Mom alway’s made quilts,clothes with what she had,are someone gave her,nothing better than warm quilts when your a kid with only a fireplace to heat the house,most of that heat went out the stack. That was years ago,seems like yesterday when I think of it. I now live in Michigan, for 43 yrs,with my Husband,have two Daughter’s,two Son’s, which are grown and have kid’s of their own. I have been watching kids seems like since I was five.My Husband is retired,but I still take care of 2 of my Beautiful Grandaugther’s,because my Son want let anyone else watch them. But I love ever minute of it, So Now to the Fabric, I have been trying to get all my Kid’s and Grandkid’s a Quilt made like my Mom did for all of us. So I got to get 12 Quilt’s made in all,have a long way to go,So I would really injoy the Fabric to help with my 8 Grandkid’s Quilt’s.Didn’t mean to make this so long,have a Great day. Thank’s

  18. Kathy Harris says:

    I’ve been using scraps and whatever free fabric I’ve been given to make quilts for several different charities. They’ve been mostly strip quilts because I’ve had such a random selection of fabrics. But you know, those strip quilts can be quite attractive. I add decorative machine stitching in variegated threads if the fabrics are too plain to jazz them up. The sashing can really help pull all those random squares of diagonally strip pieced squares together. Having a coordinated collection of fabrics to work with would be wonderful and I could make some nice patchwork patterns. With 25 yards I could probably make 4 or 5 quilts for good causes.

  19. Donna says:

    Sigh, I love fabric. Really I would love to make my first grandbaby quilt. Then I have a friend who love shoes. She has a shoe ornament and earrings and key chains, you get the idea, so I would make her a purse. Also I teach kids to quilt, so we could use some fabric for that. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Donna Minto says:

    These adorable prints look quite tiny which would be perfect for the dollhouses I decorate in an eclectic vintage style. They could easily be curtains, pillows, bedspreads or furniture covers! Fingers Crossed!

  21. Mona Landers says:

    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. I would make pillowcases for Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth through the Stitch A Wish program. 1 yard makes a perfect pillow case. The children love getting them and it really brightens their day! Go to: http://www.dfwstitchawish.com/stitch/Default.aspx for more information! Mona

  22. Roylene says:

    The fabric bundle sounds wonderful and I would pet it, love it and gaze at it until I decided the perfect project.

  23. millie carpenter says:

    After I sit and lovingly fondle the fabrics in the Chic Fashion Fabric I would pick out a few to make a some wonderful things for myself. Then I would take the rest to the Maryland Chapter of ASG (American Sewing Guild) where we could use them in one of our service projects. we have used a lot of donated fabric to make hospital gowns with special soft covered seams for the Burn unit at th Shrinners hospitals, Cheerful pillow cases for children staying at the Ronald McDonald house (we gave extras to the house across from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md, our local) and other projects to numerous to begin to list. Any sewer from Md (and inside the beltway in DC is welcome to join one of our Neighborhood groups. check us out at http://www.asg.org/ September is National Sewing Month.

  24. Kim Folstrom says:

    What a great contest. I’m a fabric-a-holic. I love to just look and touch all my fabrics. Would make quilts, placemats, table runners. Know I have to check out the auctions.

  25. ruth kasl says:

    I have several projects that jump to the front with “make me” requests with either of these two vintage collections you are offering. The first one is Linus quilts ~ a charity that gives hand made quilts to children in hospitals. I have not made one for them yet because I just heard about them (in fact I am not sure I got the name correct but have a friend who has made many and will get the details from her). The second idea that the fabrics made me think of is for reusable lunch bags (both the insulated one to carry the entire lunch in and the smaller ones for wrapping up the sandwich, grapes, crackers, etc that are in the take along meal). I am making these to sell at Under the Sycamore Tree - the school store at Susquehanna Waldorf School. Profits from the store go to the school to help make Waldorf Education available.

    I was just laid off of my teaching job due to low enrollment. My first thought about my unemployed status has been “this is an opportunity”. I am not sure what door will open to what opportunity to provide my living income but seeing your contest offering 25 yards of beautiful fabric just perfect for children seems like an open door to me! I have more time to sew and give to others. Perhaps crafting will be my new employment! I hope to begin with either of these sweet collections. Thank you for the opportunity and I am so glad to have found your website and ebay collection too!

    Summer is my gardening time and fall/winter is my sewing and knitting time so the ideas are just beginning to accumulate. Doll clothes for soft “Waldorf Dolls”, matching clothes for the little ones who love these dolls, little pillow covers for the children’s nap time … ideas keep coming and no scrap would be wasted!


  26. lori garrett says:

    i would make quilts for my grandchildren

  27. Wow, what gorgeous fabrics. My bedroom is in the process of being remodeled and I would use the fabrics for a new quilt, curtains, pillows and room accents. I know it would turn out just like a magazine photo!!

  28. Katy says:

    I would love to have the fabric. I am a beginning quilter and it would provide me with a number of projects. I prefer the Mary Frances and thimble friends bundle, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down the other one. :-)

  29. These two collections are very fun. I would use the fabric to make a quilt or throw for our family room. Vibrant colors, rich texture and just fun to look at. It would really add some flair to our home. Any extra would be used for applique for wall hangings or small sewing or card projects. Love them! Thank you for the opportunity.

  30. I would use the Tres Chic collection to brighten up the decor of my family room! I think that a patchwork lampshade, a couple of throw pillows and a throw would make a huge difference in making the room look welcoming and bright!

  31. Karin says:

    The fabrics are all so beautiful! I would use the fabric for projects for my Church’s Sewing Circle to make for our annual fundraiser for our Women’s ministry. It would be wonderful to teach these young (and sometimes not-so-young) ladies sewing with quality, beautiful fabrics. Right now we depend on donations from members (you get a LOT of old polyester that way!) and fabric that I find at thrift stores - which is good - but I would love for them to be able to use some really beautiful, good quality fabric. This contest is certainly generous - thank you! Karin - Phi. 4:13

  32. Loretta Tejkl says:

    My first thought is tote bags to give as Xmas gifts for the nieces and nieces-in-law. The vintage fabric is so chic right now.

  33. Mary Gould-deMong says:

    My first thought was what I always do, spread it out and see what other fabrics I have that would go with it. The practical thing to do with it now would be to make some neck roll pillows for all my special friends for Christmastime gifts. The colors in either stack would all blend together nicely. With the scraps I would save in a baggie and make collage bracelets for the other girlfriends that love to receive little baubles of love from me. If there were any leftover I would use it to tie into some project I was working on for myself at the moment. I hope whom ever gets its cherishes the heck out of it first, then cuts into it with the zeal and zest of an ARTIST and gets pure pleasure out of their creativity! Whoow it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!

  34. Edna Forbes says:

    I love fabric..and the pictures of the bundles is no exception. I would use this to make the foot stool/seat that Amy Butler has on her site. My grandchildren would love the bright colors and it would last and last for years to come. The other idea is our quilt guild will be making lap quilts for our wounded men and women from the war this year as our project and it certainly would be chearful for our men and women who served for our country. Thanks for the contest and the ideas that have come into my head.

  35. Diana Wiggins says:

    What great fabric and so colorful! I am always on the lookout for fabric like this so I can use it for my small “collage cluthes”. These are little fold-over bags with strap that carry just enough. I use bright, unique prints inside and out and the collage comes from using coordinating fabrics as trim, ground work for buttons, placement under rick-rack, etc. This would be a perfect addition to my inventory!

  36. Margo Belden says:

    I will make aprons for my family and friends for Christmas. After a two year break from art due to the illness and death of two of my sisters, I am once again in my studio. I want to make beautiful aprons as a gift of love and life. These fabrics are perfect for my project.
    Margo Belden

  37. I would make knitting projects bags for all my friends - combining my two loves of sewing and knitting (not to mention my friends).

  38. Deborah345 says:

    Fabric, did someone say they have fabric to give away—- I am raising my hands and jumping in my seat. I want to make some aprons for a couple Christmas presents this year, and you have beautiful fun fabric. And left overs can go to my son-in-laws grandmother who is 90 as she makes baby quilts and gives them away to people in the church that have a baby.

  39. Lani Wiens says:

    Wow, those are lovely fabrics. I see wallets, shoulder bags, lunch bags and some of them would be perfect for the quilt I’ll be making for my son’s ‘coming of age’ quilt that he’ll get when he turns 12 next year. Lots of inspiration there! (and a very generous giveaway!)

  40. Jeri Ann says:

    Oooh cute fabric! If I won either of these fabric bundles I would sew cute accessory items for the ladies in my life (DILs, sisters, and friends), ie., personal-type projects from cosmetic bags to handbags, sewing accessories or craft accessories (brush holders), ETC. Would use these for Christmas and birthday presents!

  41. Sherrie says:

    I love the shoe material. I would make a quilt jacket for my friend whois always cold no matter where we go or what we do. Our little quilt group gets together a couple of times a month and it would be great for her to be warm like the rest of us.

  42. Jill Stewart says:

    These fabrics are awesome! If I won a prize,I would take the fabrics, place them side by side on my cutting board. Then just sit and look at them, probably moving them around many times in different combinations, etc. Having done this for whateve time it takes, when the material “spoke” to me I would then try to chose a pattern that I felt would bring out the best in both. Once again after making (what I think) would be my final decision, I put them aside, wait a week or two, then come back and it will either strike me with a huge YES or NO and depending on which it is….we start the next process……..We always say a prayer that it will turn out as lovely as we see it in our mind’s eye! Or if a NO we start all over again. And there have been times when we have a petteran in mind and the fabic fit just right immediately or vice-a-vesa…thats always a thrill. But what fun I have!

  43. Dana Hallman says:

    The fabric giveaway would be a great way way for me to be able to make lap robes for those in nursing homes or quilts for special need babies - both projects of my local quilt guild. I work three jobs in the summer to support myself and there is still not much left to buy extras. This windfall would let me give to those in need, all I would provide is time and love.

  44. Linda McKay says:

    I could certainly see some vintage lap quilts for senior citizens, but could also see some great little lunch sacks (using your pattern) for my best friends 3rd grade class. the prints are perfect for the bags, and you have so many wonderful graphics to choose from I’m sure I would find several that would be perfect on little lunch bags for boys and girls. Love your prints, would be honored to win, but if not, will check out your sales and pick them up that way. Thanks for the great opportunity to have a chance at winning.

  45. Jill Stewart says:

    These fabrics are awesome! If I won a prize,I would take the fabrics, place them side by side on my cutting board. Then just sit and look at them, probably moving them around many times in different combinations, etc. Having done this for whateve time it takes, when the material “spoke” to me I would then try to chose a pattern that I felt would bring out the best in both. Once again after making (what I think) would be my final decision, I put them aside, wait a week or two, then come back and it will either strike me with a huge YES or NO and depending on which it is….we start the next process……..We always say a prayer that it will turn out as lovely as we see it in our mind’s eye! Or if a NO we start all over again. And there have been times when we have a pattern in mind and the fabic fit just right immediately or vice-a-vesa…thats always a thrill. But what fun I have!

  46. Jeannie Harris says:

    WOW !!!!! What beautiful fabric. If I won I would have to keep this fabric for something special. I love to go into a fabic shop and just smell the fabric, then walk through and feel it! Then I thank God for my eye sight so I can see all the beautiful colors esepecialy the vintage fabic for quilt making. What a great contest! I have 13 grandchildren ages 1-13 so I’m sure I have an idea what to do with it.

    Thank you, Jeannie

    The first one I sent didn’t go through so hoping just one shows up.

  47. Holly Hutchinson says:

    I would make homedec items for my disadvantaged daughter, she is renting her first place and I need to give her all the help I possibly can. Money is not always what it takes to make some ones life a happier place.

  48. Maura Stefl says:

    I would wrap it around my self and meet my husband at the door after a long day at work, then I would….well this is a clean blog , but hopefully then he will not gripe about all the fabric in the house and enjoy it when more arrives! thanks for all the fun and ideas!

  49. Kelli Ladwig says:

    I love vintage and vintage reproductions fabrics. I have been making bags lately and I think they wqould make lovely bags for myself and my daughter. My sister has alos requested one. The fabrics would also make a great apron for me for my job as a pre-k teacher.

  50. Gorgeous fabric! If I were lucky enough to win, I would use it in a quilt. I would also use some to make a small purse or tote. I would probably also keep some nearby just to look at :)

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