Amy’s Pick - Oh Fireflies!

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Click image to enlarge before saving.

Click image to enlarge before saving.

Summer doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.  Celebrate the beauty of summer nights with Amy’s Free Pick for today.  Be sure to click on the image first to see the full size image. Then right click (Mac: control+click) and “save to” your computer desktop or a folder of your choice. This process will ensure you get the best quality of the image.

Print today’s image on vellum and adhere it to an old canning jar. Put a flameless tealight in the jar behind the image to create a luminary that evokes the feeling of the vintage verse. We would love to see what you create! Send us images of your projects so that we may post them on our Facebook page. Please post your comments and feel free to email me your project images to

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4 Responses to “Amy’s Pick - Oh Fireflies!”

  1. cindy coven says:

    This is so cute. I’m combining it with a download I got from you of a mother and child reading. Thanks Cindy

  2. Ellen Jones says:

    So wish I could find some inkjet vellum. Office depot used to carry it but no more. Will have so find some online somewhere. Hate to have to pay that shipping charge but can’t be helped. OD doesn’t carry the sticker paper anymore either. No other office place in Grand Junction, CO carry any of what I need either.
    When I went in to the stores to ask about it store associates didn’t seem to know what I was talking about.

  3. Ellen Jones says:

    Do not use regular vellum in your inkjet printer as it will jam the printer. I found out the hard way.

  4. admin says:

    Dear Ellen,
    You can purchase ink jet printable vellum on our website. Office Max and Staples may also carry ink jet printable vellum, if there are any in your area.

    Please note that you may have to change your printer settings when printing on vellum as the ink sits differently than normal paper. Also, the thickness may need to be changed as well to prevent jamming.
    Thank you,

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