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Posted by Cheryl
Card created using image Cherub Roses - SI0835

Card created using image Cherub Roses - SI0835

Simply and sweet! Valentine’s Day cards don’t have to be in red. This simply pink and yellow card is created using yellow felt as a backing, pink braided trim and pink checked scrapbook paper. A grommet, pink brads and a ribbon bow finish the look. 

The key to this project is layers. Print your focal image first (we used Cherub Roses - SI0835) so you know where to start. Then lay it on your pink checked paper. Cut out the checked paper leaving about one inch on all sides (don’t forget to make a “dent” at the top for your grommet - the size will depend on your grommet size). Lay your grommet on the paper to know how big to make the dent.

Once your pink paper is cut out, adhere your image to it using double sided tape.  Then you can glue your trim around the outside edge to hide your seam.  Next glue your layers onto the yellow felt. Using pinking shears, trim around the outside edge leaving about 1/4 inch showing.

Add your grommet according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Tie the ribbon through the grommet. Add the brads (or other embellishments you might have) along the bottom. And you’re done!!!

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