Last Minute Gift Ideas - Ornaments

Posted by Cheryl
Ornament Created with Christmas Kids - SI0273

Ornament Created with Christmas Kids - SI0273

Create a unique gift tag or Christmas ornament using imagery from The Vintage Workshop. This easy to create project is perfect as a last minute gift or to add the perfect touch to your wrapped gift.


Matte Paper with Adhesive Backing

Vintage Focal Image (we used Christmas Kids - SI0273 in our sample)

Orange Juice Can lid

Ribbon to embellish

Heavy wire & wire cutters

Charm of your choice

Hole-punch that will work through metal can lid - a nail and hammer will also work

Step 1. Print your focal image onto adhesive backed paper small enough to fit onto the orange juice can lid. Tip: Test print your image onto scrap paper before using your adhesive paper to test the size. Once you have the correct size, print onto your adhesive paper, peel and stick your focal image onto the lid.

Step 2. If you like, you can print a message onto the adhesive paper and add this to the focal image. In the sample, we add “Peace on Earth”.

Step 3. Punch a small hole on the top and bottom of the lid either using the hole punch or using a hammer and nail.  Cut off two lengths of wire - about six inches for the bottom hole and 12 inches long for top hanger. Use one to attach the charm to the bottom hole. Cut off extra wire.

Step 4. Thread the other wire through the top hole and bring the ends up to the top. Twist the wire close to the ornament to secure. Be sure to leave enough room to tie the bow around  - about an inch or two - twist the wire together again. Cut off one of the ends.  Now create a decorative area a the top that will be the hanger for the ornament.  Twist and spiral the wire into decorative spirals. Be creative.  See sample above. Cut your coordinating ribbon and tie bow around the middle wire space being sure to cover the cut wire.

Be creative! This project is just a guide. You can add vintage buttons, trims, scrapbooking elements, etc to make this ornament your own! Have fun and until next time…

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3 Responses to “Last Minute Gift Ideas - Ornaments”

  1. Bobbi says:

    This is such a fun and easy idea, yet it looks beautiful. Thanks!

  2. Maura Stefl says:

    I used the lids from the Pillsbury cinnamon roll icing container that the kids so terribly like!

  3. Judy says:

    Unfortunately I was out of town and unable to make these ornaments/gift tags but cannot wait to do it for a future project. They could be used on any gift. Thanks for an easy and quick project

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