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Party Invitation created with Imagery from The Vintage Workshop

Party Invitation created with Imagery from The Vintage Workshop

Create unique invitation to your holiday events this year using imagery from The Vintage Workshop and basis imaging software you may already have on your computer!

There are so many different types of software out there to create customized projects. While we can’t address every specific type of software or give directions on how to use them, we hope to provide some general information that will allow you to add type to your Vintage Workshop graphics to create your own special invitations this year.

How to place type on a graphic:

Any image from The Vintage Workshop can be customized for a variety of projects. Our downloads are high resolution jpegs—most are suitable for sizing up to fill an 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper. Edit your images by importing into any image editor/paint application such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Digital Image Pro or Corel Photo Paint. In those applications you can create a text layer and type your copy in the appropriate places before printing out.

Or, you can “place”or “import”your picture into a page layout program like Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, Microsoft Office Publisher, The Print Shop or Corel Ventura.You may also be able to use Microsoft Word if you know how to place type over a graphic.

On using typefaces, we suggest that you choose no more than two different fonts. That makes your creation easy to read, and provides a clean, elegant design. Also, keep in mind the “mood” you want to communicate. Choosing type is as important as choosing the artwork in expressing yourself!

General Instructions: In our sample invitation shown above, we have provided a graphic that serves as a border. We used an image from Christmas Collection IV - IE314 Download Collection. You may wish to use this design as a mat for a photograph or artwork, or as shown here, as an invitation for a holiday party.

Keep in mind how you want to distribute your invitation. Will you post it flat as a flyer or mini-poster, or will you be mailing it? If mailing it, what will be the size of your envelope, and how will you fold it? These factors will determine the final size. You can always size our downloads to meet your specific needs, but we suggest that you size them proportionately for best results. In other words, don’t stretch or squeeze them! Before printing to your high quality inkjet paper, print a draft copy to an inexpensive paper to check placement of type and to make sure the finished piece is printing out to the correct size.You can always add extras such as glitter, ribbons, sequins, etc. But most of all…have fun!

If you are still having trouble getting the graphic and type to print out together, you can always print the graphic on paper or card stock and then print re-load that page back into your printer and print the type. Again, print a draft copy on inexpensive paper to make sure your your graphics and text will line up the way you want them to.

Until next time…

Originally designed by Desiree Mueller for The Vintage Workshop in 2004.

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