Easy to Make Tree Skirt

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Tree Skirt using imagery from The Vintage Workshop

Tree Skirt using imagery from The Vintage Workshop

Looking for ways to decorate on a budget? Create this quick and easy mini-tree skirt. The directions could easily be modified to fit any size Christmas tree or to simply make a whimsical place-mat.

Materials Needed:
• 1 – 13″ diameter circle of cream felt or wool felt (or larger depending on your tree size)
Christmas Collection IV - IE314 Download Collection from The Vintage Workshop
• Five beads or sequins for star on top of trees
Print ‘n Press Iron-On Transfer Sheets - JT-908
• Craft glue

1. Cut a 13″ diameter circle from the cream felt.

2. Make a template for the scallops using a piece of plastic or cardboard.Make each scallop 1″ wide and about 1/2″  deep. Trace the scallops all the way around the edge of the circle. Using sharp scissors, cut out the scallops.

3. Fold the circle in half and press lightly. Now fold in half again and smooth flat with your hands. Cut off the pointed tip in the center, just barely.Open the circle all the way. Using sharp scissors, cut on the pressed fold from one outer edge to the center and stop.

4. Print five trees on an iron-on-transfer sheet, following manufacturer’s instructions. Cut each tree out using small, sharp scissors. We cut the star off each tree as it would have been impossible to cut out! Give the skirt a good pressing so the
fibers will be flat and ready to accept the transfers. Position the five trees on the skirt. Remove the backing from the tree and fuse in place, one at a time, following manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Use craft glue to glue the bead or sequin to the top of each tree.


Larger Skirt: Determine your diameter by measuring from the center pole or trunk of your tree out as far as you would like the skirt to go. Double this number and that is the diameter to start with - our sample above used 13″. Follow all directions above. You will want to print additional trees to fill up your skirt edges. We spaced the trees about eight inches apart if measuring along the outer edge (circumference) of the circle.

Place-mats: Follow directions above omitting step 3.

Until next time….

Originally designed for The Vintage Workshop by Kathy Fernholz in 2003.

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