Fun Pumpkin Kids Door Hanger

Posted by Cheryl

Halloween II - IE310 Download Collection

Halloween II - IE310 Download Collection

Create some easy to make home decor in minutes using imagery from The Vintage Workshop. In this project we used an image from the Halloween II Download Collection, but any image from our vast resources of timeless images could be used.

Materials Needed:
• High quality inkjet paper,matte finish
• Medium weight board, such as mat board
• Spray mount
• Tissue paper (two different colors)
• Decorative ribbon, approx. 1/2 yard
• Scotch® tape

Tools Needed:
• Craft knife
• Metal ruler with cork back
• Cutting mat

1. Print image onto ink-jet paper, following manufacturer’s instructions. (Image size: 51⁄4″ horizontal x 31⁄2″ vertical.) Trim away excess paper with a craft knife.

2. Using spray mount, adhere image to mat board, applying slight pressure to secure in place. Trim away excess board with a craft knife.

3. Cut tissue paper into 1 strips.To make paper border, fold tissue paper in a back-and-forth or accordion fashion to create small folds that overlap one another. Adhere to back of mat board with Scotch tape (every inch or so) to secure into place. Repeat process for second color, if desired.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon approx. 1/2 yard in length. Fold in half and secure to back of mat board, allowing a small “loop” at top for hanging.

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2 Responses to “Fun Pumpkin Kids Door Hanger”

  1. Carolyn says:

    This looks like a great craft. I’m sure the kids will love it.

  2. Karen says:

    I really enjoy the iron-ons. I especially think the odd-ball image would be fantastic on a shirt. Thanks for the great idea

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