Lacy Afghan Collaged Stitchery

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Designed for The Vintage Workshop by Beth Leintz

Designed for The Vintage Workshop by Beth Leintz


This cute little hanging art piece will look perfect in your crafting space. Notice the vintage knitting pattern hand written or typed on the bottom and knitting needle used as hanging rods are special touches that will make your project unique. Another great project created by our friend and guest designer, Beth Leintz.

This piece is created using a vintage doily as the base. All of your measurements to cut out the different fabric layers are based on being smaller than the doily you use. See the sample photo for all placements.

Step 1:  Cut flannel panel from old baby blanket  and stitch to back side of vintage dresser doily. this is used to stabilize the piece.

Step 2:  Fold top edge of doily under and stitch down to create a narrow casing.

Step 3:  Cut floral fabric panel with pinking shears.  Size should be approximately 1″ smaller than doily on all sides.

Step 4:  Print SI0904 Knitting vintage image on inkjet fabric sheet.

Step 5:  Cut out with pinking shears and adhere to lightweight batting.

Step 6:  Use embroidery floss to stitch photo to floral panel. Don’t worry about being perfect - be rustic and creative!

Step 7:  Cut solid linen fabric panel (shown in pink in sample) with pinking shears.  Adhere to bottom of floral panel.  Add row of french knots across top using embroidery floss.

Step 8:  Use embroidery floss to stitch afghan or other knitting instructions to linen fabric panel.  This can be handwritten using a fabric pen on fabric or typed and printed on inkjet fabric sheet.

Step 9:  Sew completed floral panel to doily using blanket stitch. Again, be rustic and creative!!

Step 10:  Insert small knitting needles to hang.

You’re done! Until next time….

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  1. Ellen says:

    What an adorable idea! Love it!

  2. karen says:

    Really cute idea would make a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one.

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