Inspiration from Sew Expo!

Posted by Amy

I wanted to share some photos from my trip to the Sew Expo In Puyallup, Washington. I was hosted by the Pacific Fabrics and Crafts booth, which has six locations as well as an online store. I presented two sell-out lectures Sew Vintage and Craft a Business:Sewing for Profit. Cheryl joined me to help out, and we had a great time working the booth with the Pacific Fabrics team!! I found some vintage treasures at the show I want to share with you. I also met some new friends whose businesses I want to share as well. Carol Saber of Japanese Textiles & Tours shares her jacket featuring vintage kimono fabric. Dyan Emery of Jennifer Osner Textiles share wonderful treasures including the gorgeous fuchsia and black crazy quilt I bought! Love the idea to take the vintage photo frame and use blackboard paint to turn in into a sign!!

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6 Responses to “Inspiration from Sew Expo!”

  1. Annette says:

    Cool stuff, Amy. You got further away from the booth than I did! Thanks for coming to be with us, we had a great time and you sure have a lot of fans. Glad you met Dyan Emery. She teaches a Fabric & Ribbon Flowers class for us at our Northgate store in Seattle that has been very popular. Interested folks can check it out on our web site ~ Annette from Pacific Fabrics

  2. Catherine Knapp says:

    The bracelet is lovely, I have a vintage one and would love to make a new one with my own vintage collection!

  3. Nancy says:

    hi! Thanks for sharing the photos!
    Love Diane’s bracelet because I love to make them. Did she make it?

  4. Mitzi Curi says:

    Wow, I love that button bracelet too. I would love to try that myself, I have oodles of vintage buttons of all types just waiting to be used and enjoyed.

  5. Lynn Adams says:

    I’d like to make one of those vintage button bracelets with the buttons I got from my grandma’s stash. Where are there directions for this?

    Amy it was so fun to see you at Expo — I learned so much and got so much inspiration my head still hurts. lol.


  6. admin says:

    Hey Lynn,

    This was a bracelet wore by someone Amy met at the Expo…not really something we would have directions for. However, that said, Amy did write a book of projects using vintage buttons and does have a similar bracelet project in the book. The book is called Button Ware and is sold on our sister website Indgyo Junction. You can click the book name to see it online.

    It’s a great book FULL of projects to use those vintage buttons - which is how the book came to be in the first place. Amy had a huge collection of vintage buttons and wanted a way to share her love of buttons and share ideas on what we can all do with them!!

    Thanks so much, Cheryl

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