Easy Easter Cards & Journals

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Card using Easter Egg Bow - SI0288

Card using Easter Egg Bow - SI0288

Card using image from Easter IV - IE358 Download Collection

Card using image from Easter IV - IE358 Download Collection

Card using image from Easter Expressions I - VV114 Download Collection

Card using image from Easter Expressions I - VV114 Download Collection

Creating Easter cards is quick and easy and the key is embellishments!  Whether your creating a cute journal to include in an Easter basket or just making a quick Easter card for a friend or fellow church member, first check out your stash of embellishments, papers and other odds & ends on hand.

I used to be into scrapbooking quite a bit - as did many of my friends & family members. But as the trend has died down a bit, I find that I have lots of bits of embellishments, ribbons, trims and papers that I can put to a practical use in making cards.  While some might consider card making a lost art in the age of e-cards and e-mail, I believe it’s making a come back.

Let’s face it.  When we open the mailbox and find something other than a bill, our face lights up.  Imagine the delight of your loved one when they see something that you put time and love into creating - a unique card just for them.

Creating the cards/journal shown above is simply.

You need four main items (plus all your scissors, pens, glue/adhesives, etc):

1. Your foundation - that could be a blank journal, notebook, or just card stock/paper folded into a card (try using an old card that you can cover the image on the front)

2. Coordinating paper for mounting, edging or trimming the focal image (this can be anything from wrapping paper scraps, scrapbook papers or I even use old envelopes in various colors)

3. Your focal image for the front of the card

4. Your embellishments - One the journal above we used crystals, rick-rack, and silk flower petals; one the second card we used just rick-rack; and on the third we only used paper for mounting the images.

First start by picking your focal image and printing it off in the size that fits your foundation.  Cut it out and then lay it over the coordinating paper to be used for the background mounting.  If you are satisfied with the selection, adhere to the background and trim the background paper to about 1/4 inch around the focal image.

Now is really the fun part to me. Be creative.  I always lay everything out on the card/journal first to see if I like where everything goes.  Use trims in fun ways.  Wrap it around the card’s front cover or use ribbon to tie the card closed.  Cover the ends of the ribbon with buttons or crystals if they can’t be hidden by the focal image. Add stickers, flowers, or beads to your card.

Once you are happy with your arrangement, all that is left is to glue everything down.  I have been asked what the best adhesives are and I wanted to share a couple of my favorite. I love using plain old double sided tape when just putting on images/paper, but I have to say my new love to stick everything on is Glue Dots.  They stick paper, trims and buttons…everything!

What are your favorite card making/giving times? I would love to see some of your cards. If you would like to share pictures of your favorite cards made using imagery from The Vintage Workshop, please email them to cheryl@thevintageworkshop.com and I will create a future post to share them all.  It’s great to inspire each other as we journey together to be more creative people.

Until next time…

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