Vintage Glass Bottle Inspirations

Posted by Cheryl
Nouveau Beauty - IE489 Download Collection Images

Nouveau Beauty - IE489 Download Collection

I love vintage glass. I collect mainly cobalt blue glass bottles and vases that I find everywhere from garage sales to flea markets. If it’s blue, old and made of glass I usually pick it up and it goes on the my white mantle.¬† Vintage bottles are also the perfect foundation for many altered artists.

Using imagery from The Vintage Workshop, you can embellish vintage bottles to create beautiful home decor items. Let the images in this post¬† inspire you to create something beautiful yourself with your old bottle finds and our vintage imagery. Until next time…

Embellished Vintage Bottles

Embellished Vintage Bottles

Embellished Vintage Bottle

Embellished Vintage Bottle

Vintage Bottles

Vintage Bottles to Inspire

Vintage Bottles to Inspire

Vintage Bottles to Inspire

Vintage Bottles to Inspire

Vintage Bottles to Inspire

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20 Responses to “Vintage Glass Bottle Inspirations”

  1. Carol says:

    Oh My Goodness, now I know what I can do with all the old bottles I found and squirreled away during my rummaging through the woods as a youngster.
    What a SPLENDID idea!! Thanks for posting. Carol

  2. Oooo! So fun! Thanks for the relaxing whimsy.

    I thought maybe you were going to give us a little how to….? Or do you have one on the Vintage Workshop site?

  3. Pat says:

    What a neat idea! Do you have any recommendations for cleaning out these bottles? When I’ve found them, they always seem to be some what cloudy inside. Many have a small opening making it difficult to get anything in there to clean. Thank you for your help and for the inspiration.

  4. jonni jones says:

    I love these. I also collect interesting modern day cosmetic bottles and glass soda and water bottles. Some of them are extremely interesting, especially the cosmetic bottles.

  5. Janette says:

    What is the best way to adhere the imagery so that the bottles can still be used in the bathroom? Is there a way to prevent them from being ruined by wet hands? Would you use labels? Decoupage medium? Thanks!

  6. Simply stunning. I have such a collection of bottles now I can do something different Yo samples really inspire. Thanx!

  7. I have been a collector of antique bottles for years. I love any old bottle. I have been in several states digging! This is the most fun, but I doubt if this is allowed or available any more. So now they come from flea markets, antique shops, thrift stores, etc.
    These embellished ones are very nice.
    Smiles and Blessings,
    Nancy kC

  8. Carla H. says:

    Oh so pretty!! This will be a great ready for Spring project, thanks for sharing!

  9. Jane says:

    Nice Idea. Looks like fun. Here I go on a bottle hunt. :)

  10. Delia says:

    Great Idea! I love to collect different size bottles. Then to embellish the bottles ,gives it your special touch. Thanks

  11. Jeree P says:

    Great project! Your inspiration pictures show some pretty dirty bottles. Any hints on getting them clean?

  12. admin says:

    Hey Janette, It is tough to get something that will stand the test of a humid bathroom. Check out your local craft or hobby store. You can find lots of variety in the types of sealants that are available. I use decoupage medium but I also use spray sealants on them as well to keep them water safe. Thanks so much, Cheryl

  13. admin says:

    Hey Pat,

    I’ve had several questions about cleaning out the bottles. It is a hard job. There are some cleaners out there that are just a pour in and let sit; then rinse out. The problem is really what is in there. Sometimes if they are vintage bottles the original contents might not be something you want to mix with chemical cleaners. I recently picked up a vintage blue bottle and after magnifying glass inspection of the very faded label I found it contained iodine. I’ve also found old opium bottles as well.

    I would suggest trying mild dish washing soap and a baby bottle brush - which is basically a tiny brush on the end of a wire stick handle. You can usually pick these up in your local discount or dollar store in the baby section. I hope that helps.

    Thanks, Cheryl

  14. admin says:

    Hey Kathie,

    Well, there really is no trick to it. I usually take my favorite Vintage Workshop images and cut them out to create a collage - or you can just use your favorite focal image. I like to use Modge Podge decoupage glue but you can also use plain old white glue too to adhere them to the bottles. Now for the really fun part. Add your favorite tassels, buttons, ribbons and trims to decorate the bottle as you want. The samples we showed show a few ideas on how to embellish. Try wrapping the bottle with lace before adding the image! Vintage trims are a nice compliment to our vintage imagery.

    Thanks, Cheryl

  15. Vintage says:

    The embellished vintage bottles, look very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Usually many of us throw away the bottles. Now we can decorate our homes.

  16. Lori says:

    You can clean old bottles with household ammonia but do it outside in the fresh air and use a baby bottle brush. Some may require soaking in a solution 1 cup ammonia to two gallons of warm soapy water. Soak overnight, again, leave this outside to soak. rinse well.
    Mod Podge works well for adhering labels to the bottles. if using embellishments such as buttons or charms, use a glue that will adhere to glass.

  17. Jackie Conley says:

    I have used denture cleanser tablets in old bottles with small necks to fizz gunk out. Sometimes it takes more than one application but leave in overnight. It works pretty well on thos really tight littl necks. What do you adhere the buttons and larger objects on to the bottles with? I’m never sure what is the best adhesive for a project. Thanks.

  18. Thanks for sharing this project! It’s a lovely way to give vintage bottles new life.

    I save all our beer and wine bottles and often embellish them as well. Not only a lovely way to decorate my home but green as well.

  19. admin says:

    Hey Jackie,

    I love the denture tablet idea. Thanks for sharing. What is my favorite adhesive? My suggestion would be Glue Dots products. They are extremely sticky and can hold anything to almost anything! We hope to carry them in the future on our website. You can do a google search and find them for sale just about anywhere I think. Good luck!!


  20. Ganell says:

    I have a small collection of newer bottles which have a vintage look. I thought I would try these wonderful ideas on these. Thanks!

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