Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards & Tags

Posted by Cheryl
Created using Cupids & Doves Collection from The Vintage Workshop

Created using Cupids & Doves Collection from The Vintage Workshop

There are many reasons to make your own Valentine’s Day cards and tags this year.  The practical reasons of saving time and money are always a plus, but the best reason of all may be to give a meaningful gift from the heart. Hand making a Valentine’s Day card for your loved one tells them more than the message written on it. It tells them that you thought enough of them to give time and love to create something personal just for them.  It’s much more meaningful than looking down the row of cards at the local store and picking one out that says what you want to say.

To create the tags shown in the picture above, choose your favorite Vintage Workshop image. Using cardstock and/or purchased shipping tags, layer sheet music, vintage magazine ads or book text and patterned paper that compliment your image. Refer to the pictures for placement. Add 3-d elements such as tulle, fabric leaves, or buttons. Finish your tag by tying a pretty ribbon to the top. Decorative edge scissors and a metallic paint pen always add special touches to the tags.

Take time this year to write your own message. Be thoughtful. Pour out your heart to your loved one and make this Valentine’s Day the best one ever.  Make it more about love and less about hearts and candy.

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