Create Your Own Candy Wrappers

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Created using Vintage Workshop Imagery

Created using Imagery from The Vintage Workshop

This Valentine’s Day create something personal for your valentine.

I noticed an article recently in the paper that Hershey & Reese’s are selling candy bar packs with their nostalgic original design wrappers on Amazon for 17.99.  The wrappers are so cute and have that vintage look & fell that we at The Vintage Workshop love! Of course, you can create your own wrappers with a vintage feel by following the instruction below.

You can use the small or large size candy bars for this project. The key is to find the chocolates that have the foil/paper inside and the paper wrap outside. If you can’t find these types of candy, you might have to wrap them in foil yourself to get this look.

Remove the outer paper wrapping and use it as a template. For the large bar, we traced the outer wrapper onto decorative paper. Cut this out and then using double stick tape re-wrap the chocolate bar. Tie with satin ribbon and use a glue gun to glue a button to the center of the bow. We used a vintage verse from the our Vintage Valentine’s Greetings Collection II.  We have several collections and single images of vintage verses that can be used here. Print your favorite verse, mount on card stock using photo corners and glue to the front of the chocolate bar.

The smaller bars are just as easy to decorate. Using the paper outer wrapper again as a template, cut out your template from red paper. Then print your verse small enough to fit inside your wrapper space.  Then cut out another strip using decorative edge scissors or pinking shears. Use double sided tape to adhere the red first and then the white strip on top. See the photo for placement.

Embellishments can be added to any decorated bar such as heart-shaped tags, lace, ribbons or vintage buttons/pins. This is your time to be creative and have fun!

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3 Responses to “Create Your Own Candy Wrappers”

  1. Julie LaPoint says:

    I love this idea - I’ve made the wrappers before but left the original on - this would be much prettier!! Thank you!

  2. diane says:

    for the little candy i used address labels and printed sideways and then just stuck them on by wrapping around they are darling and easy this way

  3. Kendall says:

    Love this idea! What fun - thanks for sharing - love the address label idea too! Fantasic!

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