Create Your Own Card Set

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Create Your Own Card Set

Create decorative box set of cards

Create decorative box set of cards

You can easily create your own boxed card sets for a personalized birthday gift this year.  You will need a few supplies like glue or double sided tape; a color coordinating box to fit your cards in (we choose a skinny pink box); coordinating ribbon, a scrap of coordinating paper to mount box cover image (we choose black), corresponding number of envelopes to fit your cards (again we choose black) and card stock weight paper.

Simply printing your favorite image (we used Eiffel Tower - SI0130) onto a card stock paper.  You might want to try a glossy paper for shinier cards.  Cut them out and fold in half - cards are done!!  Print a smaller version and mount on coordinating paper - see box top in picture above. You use this smaller version for the box lid.

Choose a coordinating ribbon to tie your box closed and tie your cards together. Be sure the length of ribbon you cut off first will tie around your closed box.  Center it on the top of your box and adhere. Then glue/tape your image to the center of the top of the box over the ribbon.

Tie extra ribbon around the cards and envelopes. Optional:  Put a wide strip of vellum around the cards/envelopes and tie the ribbon around centered on the vellum strip. See photo for details. Put them in the box and then tie the ribbon around the back. It’s a wonderful gift that’s easy to make.

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4 Responses to “Create Your Own Card Set”

  1. Kitty says:

    I love note cards and these are so cute!

  2. These are beautiful. I would love to use this image but I think I could use a tutorial on how to size the print and how to change it when I download it. Any ideas? What program do you like to use?

  3. admin says:

    Please look for video tutorials coming in the next couple months. There are so many programs you can use - basically any program that you can use to edit images can be used. I know at home I use my word processing program and just copy/paste the image into a new document. Then it gives me options to edit the image like resizing, color changes, etc.


  4. Glenda says:

    Love these! If giving them as a gift, you could tie a pen with silver ink (perfect for addressing the black envelopes) to the top of the box as a finishing touch. I have a friend who is crazy about anything French; I’m going to make these as a hostess gift the next time she offers a dinner invitation. Thanks for the idea!

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